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P2H3 – Run #819 The Scenic Hash!

Posted by p2h3hashtrash on October 31, 2007

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Date: 28/10/2007

Hares: Dog on Heat, Runs Well

Run Report: Ikea 

“Too fluvial” said hash mystic Tokyo Joe in a typically incisive analysis of the run, and he wasn’t talking about the lovely river crossings.

He was referring to the weeping of hashers, young and old, as they weaved in and out of villages, along bucolic lanes and across the green paddy fields. Either that or it was the tremendous amount of sweat emanating from notorious leaky types, like Ikea and the as yet un-named Norwegian front running bastard.

Either that, again, or it was the emotional return of veteran Hasher Longshanks, now hashing in Bulgaria.

The hares, led by Dog on Heat, were congratulated with down downs, and then punished for their dismal lapse into technology abuse — walkie talkies were used, blatantly, as a safety measure. Stand-in GM Rubbed Raw was quick to mete out the harsh punishment, but it does seem that P2H3 is fighting a losing battle against iPods, phones, cameras, flux capacitors and the like. One should also expect to see older Hashers dragging renal-dialysis machines around with them in the very near future, given current levels of Angkor consumption.



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P2H3 – Run #818, Never mix Politics and Hash!

Posted by p2h3hashtrash on October 23, 2007

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Run Hare: Blitz Krieg
Walk Hare: Flocked Ewe
Run Report: Rubbed Raw

Hashers set off thoroughly confused by the directions provided to go down the Kampot road or not. Was this Blitzkrieg’s thick Germanic accent causing confusion, or the failing hearing of Leaking Duck and his misguided compatriots. Where is the navigation system in those big Land Cruisers these days?

Once the start was found and together again, the large pack of hashers, swollen by a Dalat Pre-Lube contingent from Australia, set off in the complete wrong direction meeting a check-around 20 yards after the actual turn. As the trail continued multiple lost groups of hashers shouting ON ON convinced they were on the right ankle breaking rice-bund and all others were clearly delusional. Or maybe it was the plentiful white flesh on show of the visiting foreign virgin spies which were temporarily distracting the local hashers from the trail.

Half way marked Tonle Bassac land eviction resettlement site, which was a brief respite from the ankle biting local ant community, who clearly had a taste for Hash flesh. The location provided ample opportunity for ‘Shopping on the Hash’, Mr Tinkle included. Setting off from the Half way beer, with confused hashers desperately trying to find the trail, Blitz Krieg snuck quietly away on the correct trail, in an attempt to become an FRB once more…!

Another pot of paint was clearly purchased by the hare at the half way point whilst setting the trail as marking visibility improved in the second half. More rice bunds, the odd drop into an irrigation lake and some nice scenery awaited the Hash participants on the return trail. It was getting dark however and hashers wondered if they would see the hash truck this side of midnight, as the trail went off on another perpendicular path towards the ever distant finish! A quick sprint home and the majority of hashers made it back before darkness just as the resident mosquitos awoke for their evening Hash-blood feast.

However some poor Hashers were left behind, Kristin, Quito (Ecuador) Hash foreign spy, together with the faithful Hash Hound Percy, were unfortunate victims of a vicious, unprovoked attack by a hive of bees, but luckily The General (Sydney Full Moon Foreign spy) was there to aid the damsel in distress find her way back to the truck. P2H3 awards you another medal for your bravery, General, sir!

The circle, presided by GM Blackout was not an eventful one with the large contingent of hashers struggling to stay in time with the Choir Masters swinging Baton, difficult to see in the firefly lit circle. Despite the dark however, some Virgin Hash Sex was spied in the circle by Flocked ‘night vision’ Ewe. The couple, guilty of the heinous sin of holding hands no doubt trying to take advantage of the cover night provided, were duly punished. Notable Aniverseroides were Tokyo Joe (200!!) and Little Cow (10), Well Done. For the return journey the hash truck had only warm beer found too late in the front of the truck for icing cool. But then it was Angkor Beer and no one really wanted to drink it anyway!

The On On On could be described as nothing more than a shambles, with the Woolly Rhino seemingly incapable of delivery more that two food orders an hour from the kitchen. The foreign spies (led by The General) had already boycotted the venue in favour of the Green Vespa a few doors down. Local hashers whilst trying to remain loyal to the original venue, gave up after many attempts at wrestling their food orders from others in the bar, and joined the foreign spy contingent in the alternative venue.

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