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P2H3 – Run #824 Bokor Outstation Hangover Run

Posted by p2h3hashtrash on November 30, 2007

Bokor Hash Outstation Logo Recovery Run Map

Date: 25/11/2007

Hares: Dog on Heat, Rubbed Raw, Wide Angle (walk)

Walk/Run Report: Wide Angle / Rubbed Raw

Sunday morning brought with it a gentle stroll for the walkers (colossal hangovers notwithstanding) up to the Wat and back. Another chance for photography, particularly as once there we met not a monk but a monkey; once again Danger Mouse had to be refrained from interfering with the fauna, the fauna in question was happy to refrain from interfering with Squints Westwards in return!

The hares of the run set off on mountain bike in an attempt to stay ahead of the eager (far too eager with messages expressly given to Blah Blah by the Hare to delay by 30 mins ignored!) and not seemingly hungover enough hash pack. The Run like the walk headed towards the Bokor Pagoda, and with their basically being only one road there and back, that’s what they returned on too!! The frantic hare, Rubbed Raw, threw is mountain bike around in a vain attempt to stay ahead of the pack whilst setting the rest of the run, after the run caught the hares at the pagoda. A cunning diversion around the reservoir seemed to do the trick, and the hungover hashers returned refeshed after a good sprint home.

All were so subdued by the previous night’s revelry that there seemed to be no sins to punish and so no circle was convened. Shame!! Derision of duty Mr G.M. What is the world coming to?!

There was rumour of a waterfall mini-hash on the way back down the mountain but reports are sketchy as some cowardly laggards got bored and turned back halfway for the shade and comfort of the G.M.’s truck. The bike hash ride down was much more fun beating all four wheel vehicles down, despite Leaking Duck’s attempt to run one of them off the road down a ravine – he is competive that duck! Mr Tinkle gets best effort award for falling three times of his motorbike on the way down!


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