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P2H3 – Run #843, Please Refrain from Smoking Hash!

Posted by p2h3hashtrash on February 25, 2008

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Date: 24/02/2008  RUN STATS

Hares: Phlegm, Chick Pea, Botticelli, Piglet 

Phlegm stood up again as Hare extraordinaire, and hared his billionth run with the help of the faithful Chick Pea, to set a classic A->B trail alongside the picturesque banks of the Mekong. With ultra caution taken over the first bridge (probably wise in Cambodia), the hash started, for those on the truck, with a gentle stroll to the start. But the run was soon underway headed by a visiting Aussie triathlete Virgin, Paul, fitting into the FRB role with aplomb, alongside the usual suspects of Dog on Heat, Ikea, Herring Choker and newbie Harriette Nora, challenging the boys!

With the hash hounds straining for hare blood, the pack ran, without pause, through most of the checks, convinced that an A to B trail had to go straight on. The FRBs were not disappointed, with only the belligerent Blah Blah (the fool) doing the decent thing and checking left or right to confirm what everyone else knew! The large pack tried to keep up with the fast pace over the eroding Mekong banks, under mango filled trees, avoiding rabid cows and mad dogs (or is that the other way round!?) as they strained their way along the various shortcuts laid on by the thoughtful hare. A vicious pack of children, armed with smiles and big eyes tried to slow the pack, but to no avail, they could smell the finish, with only the weaker sex (namely Jordyan and Yap Yap) cajoled into stopping for an impromptu photo shoot.

The runners now waiting for the walkers to arrive (headed by the Mango acquiring Botticelli), were entertained by a half rotten python, a red setting sun, and admiring a very sa’at concrete temple. Hashers are easily amused. With the skies now darkened, hashers formed the circle, and the punishments were dealt out. The Choir Master required Flacido’s baton to replace his forgotten member (oops wrong way round again!) In a gallant attempt to improve the health of P2H3 hashers, steps already taken such as removing the toxic Angkor Beer from the P2H3 diet, were clearly not enough for R.A. Blah Blah, MD. Next to go on his vice list was smoking! Multiple puffers were punished including Dangermouse and Stool Boy, and one particularly nonchalant virgin, who lit up in the circle at that moment just to claim the last double potty of smoking shame. Anniversaroides were forgotten in the fading light, due to statistical problems, and thirst!

The 4-wheel-driving bourgeois elite (see Bokor Hash Trash), had to eat cake, and join the peasants on the overloaded truck (now dry of beer for the 2nd week in a row!) as it rumbled back to point A and their climate-altering steeds. “Where’s the aircon switch on this vehicle”, one elite cried in vain! Oh the indignity of it all!

Back in PP, now very late, the generous Gasolina Bar (attended by Magic Mushroom), laid on a plethora of free beer jugs which were appreciated by all, and especially the visiting Aussie slaughtermen/sheep shearers, as Snake Charmer practised her art!

At least it was finally confirmed that this weeks run was indeed number 841! Hash Trash can sleep soundly once more! (Later: I speak too soon, no this run is in fact now #843, confused? not as much as the Hash Trash!)



4 Responses to “P2H3 – Run #843, Please Refrain from Smoking Hash!”

  1. Yap Yap said

    Hash Pictures are here!


    Please check it!

  2. Blah Blah said

    A good long run with Phlegm-esque qualities. I’ve never ended a run at the concrete Bayon so it was good to see something new.

  3. Viagra said

    amazing stuff thanx 🙂


  4. Schedule said

    Best you could make changes to the post title P2H3 – Run #843, Please Refrain from Smoking Hash! P2H3 Hash Trash Blog to more suited for your content you create. I loved the the writing nevertheless.

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