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P2H3 – Run #845 Check Around’s Surprise

Posted by p2h3hashtrash on March 11, 2008

P2H3 Logo Run #845 Trail Surprise, Surprise!

Run Date: 10/03/2008

Hares: Check Around, Piglet (walk)

Run Report: Rubbed Raw

A surprised was promised by the top ten ranking P2H3 Hare, Check Around, and a surprise he delivered! Can you feel the suspense, not as much as those on the run. who had all sorts of ideas running through their head what the devious hare had in store! More about that later.

A trip across the Mekong was required for this Hash. With only a short journey to the ferry just over the Japanese bridge, the regular hashers would be forgiven to think that this would be an early start, and therefore finish for once. But the boatmen, and various impatient Bong Thom’s using the Mekong Ferry had other ideas. A long, rather stinky, arduous wait for the ferry to cross, empty, refill, return, and repeat the performance another couple of times, delayed the run to an all time record late start (according to Hash Time Keeper Flip Flop) of 5:15pm! But with the temperatures soaring in the hot sun, no-one was complaining about the later, but cooler Hash.

The Hash commenced with trepidation, boyed by the promise of this great surprise, into the cow filled fields of the rural East banks of the Mekong. A well laid trail met the hashers, with the experienced pack working well together, to find the truck at the quarter way point. Phlegm (as is now becoming habit) deciding the trail was too well marked for his tastes decided to take a completely self made, random route around the picturesque countryside, only to return to the finish via motodop, defeated again!! Will he ever learn!?

Ikea at one point made a breakaway FRB attempt from the pack, with the remaining hashers requiring binoculars to see him across the fields. The pack diligently chased him down, assisted by multiple On Cow encounters, and all came together just before the half way. Setting off again, now with fading light, the pack still were wondering what surprise lay in store for them! A couple of kilometres later, all became clear. Not a waist high dip through a sewage filled stream, nor a bollock risking climb over a barbed wire fence, but a shortage of paint, time, or some other random excuse had the P2H3 setting their own trail home from 2km out! That was Check Around’s surprise! The Hash breathed a collective sigh of relief! But then looked up and thought, where the f*ck is home!

But fear not, those blatant technology abusers, finally saw the benefit of their sinning ways, and set their GPS units to home, and just followed the way. The other hashers just tagged along in vain, hoping they were going in the right direction, worrying whether they would see the truck, and their homes ever again, or be left stranded in some cow and dog infested field should the Americans switch off the GPS satellite system! No losses were reported, but it was dark, so could well be a stranded hasher left out there somewhere!

The Circle was held while awaiting the ferry to do its return journey, now in complete darkness. Blah Blah, honorary GM, presided over the circle. Down Down’s a plenty were handed out to all those GPS using sinners, hand holding Hash Sex practising Mr & Mrs H. Choker, and various others too many to mention. Now quite late, the short trip home from the ferry, and and excellent On On On choice were appreciated. Just short of an Outstanding Haring category, but you have to finish the job I’m afraid.



4 Responses to “P2H3 – Run #845 Check Around’s Surprise”

  1. Phlegm said

    Well done Mr Rubbed Raw !

    You (or Ikea) have to advertise the hashers about the blog.

    On ! On !


  2. jordyan said

    had no idea there was a p2h3 blog until today! shame shame on our public-relations committee. how else will those of us lingering in the back know what the front runners are up to?

  3. Blah Blah said

    Who says we know what we are up to, Jordyan? Certainly I was confused enough to say with utter confidence that I had no idea as to what we were supposed to be doing.

    There was a very good use of cows though to keep the pack together. Also it is nice to run somewhere different though the increased number of cars about town makes ferries a slightly more problematic affair than in days of yore. Then again there are less mine fields, win some, lose some.

  4. Blitzkrieg said

    According to the 845 blog FlipFlop considered the late start of run 845 a new record. He should know better! Run 600 (early December 2003)started around 5:30pm, as the slow boat did not arrive at the beach of Koh Dach (Silk Island) before 5:20pm. It was a memorable A to B to C run ending in the dark on the other side of the island from where it took two truckloads to ferry everybody back to the boat. The boat captain had refused to move his boat around the island to pick us up at the C point and Phlegm, the hare, had refused to change the trail back to A from point B (beer stop). We reached the laid out buffet at VIP Club around 9:45pm, the food had been ready since 8pm. So much for the record.

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