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P2H3 – Run #852: Flaccido’s Flaccidity

Posted by p2h3hashtrash on April 24, 2008


Run date: 20/04/2008

Hare: Flaccido Domingo

Run Report: HE Blah Blah

Flaccido Domingo took the pack up the river near Takmau to face his demons by returning to the scene of his 17km no half-way ball buster from last year. Needless to say there was a certain amount of trepidation from the pack and cries of “it’s a short one” from Flaccido failed to ease concerns.
Nonetheless the pack set off with Hugo and Herring Choker immediately finding the half way point. We knew it was short but surely not this short… no it wasn’t, the pack was called on-back by the hare as there was a cross on the opposite side of the road to the marks and out we went amongst small farms and shady lanes.

Runs Well found himself ahead of the pack once more after a check revealed another check which resulted in a short cut (more howls of protest from Flaccido) and then we were into the paddy fields where Phlegm and Mr Tinkle decided to take a short cut to a remote temple that the trail never went anywhere near. Needless to say the pack did not sight them for some time.

After the half way it was a relatively simple run though cries of “on on Sarsy” from Flip Flop continued to confuse the pack given Sarsy’s maintenance of his traditional position near the back of the pack. Mr Tinkle eventually resurfaced as he and Yap Yap pursued a mob of cows down a lane, much to the amusement of the waiting FRB’s. There was a moment of bovine defecation as the cows went past which Mr Tinkle attributed to the poor beast’s sighting of Flaccido.

Eventually the pack returned to the gentle strains of a local wedding where Love Bite took up the mantle of RA for the evening. Down downs were given for many spurious reasons ranging from Mr Tinkle for being English through to Comrade Plodsky for being missing in action for a few years. Prick of the week was awarded to Leaking Duck for being a blatant land baron.

So it turned out that Flaccido is capable of setting short runs, but don’t get used to it.

*Hashtrash note: Big ups to Blah Blah for this run report and Tinkle and Wide Angle for theirs. All Hashers are welcome to write something in whatever kind of English – Cambodia-english, French-glish, Germenglish, Japan-glish, Jon English, even Canadian English – it doesn’t matter. WordPress can also handle Khmer so we await our first report in Khmer (also see Khmer blog link)…


2 Responses to “P2H3 – Run #852: Flaccido’s Flaccidity”

  1. Phlegm said

    Well done Mr Blah Blah! Full Moon H report is coming in a Belglish language…

  2. Blah Blah said

    Looking forward to it, Good Sir. I heard that Check Around did some checking with the aid of a wheeled conveyance…….. down downs pending.

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