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Run #868 – Water water everywhere and not a BEER to drink

Posted by p2h3hashtrash on July 24, 2008

Run date: 20/7/08

Hares: Phlegm, Fabien

Run report: Blah Blah

And as the rain issued forth the pack raised its weary arms to the sky and cried out in great alarm “where fore art thou, beer truck, for we are thirsty and unable to stomach this nectar from the Heavens. We requireth the nectar of the Gods which issues forth from cans.” And they wept. [Hops 13:13]

It was a wet pack that arrived at the site of the run, a couple of kilometres down the turn-off to Takeo as a decent rain had descended on the exposed pack on the truck (who had by and large failed to purchase the excellent hash ponchos available at your local haberdashery). The hares Phlegm and Fabien had warned several hashers prior that irrigation ditch crossings would result in soggy feet (allegedly the reason for Tokyo Joe’s absence) however this proved a moot point as the rain came down with undue enthusiasm to completely saturate the pack from the beginning. Little did we know that this would constitute the driest part of the run for the day.

It was off into the soggy paddy fields though and by the first halt the pack was huddled together with lightening striking about the place with gay abandon. It was at this point that GM Blah Blah began to regret his decision to carry the decidedly copper bugle. There was much enthusiasm with the checking with Ikea and Runs Well in particular plunging into the rushing waters whenever possible. The paddy did prove somewhat treacherous though with Kate and Wide Angle both guilty of straddling dykes and Taku Yamaguchi managing to lose the soles of both his shoes. Fortunately the trail was well marked and the pack stayed together though the sodden and struggling Festering Chronic Masturbator was left behind for the walkers to collect.

The halfway proved to be wetter than the beginning and Bruce Larsen was quickly back into the running, obviously relishing the fact the family was back at home dealing with flood waters as best they may, as was Wannacracker who had finally found himself at the front of the pack after making a serious of poor judgements in the first half of the run.

A shorter return trip, again well marked, saw the sodden pack return to the pagoda to find……. no beer truck! The truck was waiting for some of the slower walkers at the half way and the running pack was getting restless. Some like STD sat down in despair and refused to come in from the rain whilst others such as Frog Touch/Ambassador’s Orifice placed subtle pressure upon the driver to contact his wayward vehicle. Even Blitzkreig was driven to stand on the rain flooded highway and stare up the road in a despondent fashion. How could one be so thirsty with the air laden with liquid? Oh the humanity.

After 40 minutes the truck arrived and, after a near mobbing of the beer by the thirst craze running pack, the circle began. The main item of the day was fare welling hash stalwart Bronco Buster who was leaving for Frankfurt. There was much wailing and gnashing of teeth however eventually the pack settled and Phlegm bravely volunteered to fill in as hash stats until after the hash elections.

The skies deigned to soften their downpour for the circle and the pack was treated to a dry trip to the On On at Gasolinas where the pack put more effort into saying goodbye to Bronco. Sarsy and Check Around arrived for the affair in a rather sheepish fashion claiming that they were unable to make the run due to their efforts in saving an orphanage from rising flood waters; or something along those lines. Eventually the pack dispersed to dry off and sober up, or was that drink more and get wet? I can never remember.

When the truck arrived and the pack cried out, “where hast thou been, for we are parched?” And the walkers replied, “’tis not our fault, for we are slow and struggled in floods yonder.” And behold the skies cleared and beer issued forth. And they were glad. [Hops 13:14]


3 Responses to “Run #868 – Water water everywhere and not a BEER to drink”

  1. p2h3hashtrash said

    First, a poncho eh? May as well as have been sitting under a tissue, for all the good a poncho wood have done in that torrent. Mr Tinkle would have thought he was back in old Blighty.

    Second, the truck ran out of beer. Yes we were coming in from somewhere near the equator, but still it was quite an additional dampener for many of our Taiwan hashers to come here and miss out on beer. Hash Beer!

  2. Phlegm said

    Good report Mr Blah Blah. It should be good that the Blogmaster put your report asap. Better to read it when it is fresh…

    On! On!

  3. Blah Blah said

    It was posted 4 days after the run so not a bad effort on behalf of Ikea. It probably took him that long to dry out!

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