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Erection ’08: Road to the Hash House

Posted by p2h3hashtrash on July 29, 2008

Anyone viewing members of the Hash Committee drunkenly Macarena their way across the Mekong on the prow of a riverboat last Sunday evening might have wondered how it is that the Hash continues to function in the face of so much individual dysfunction.

How do these clowns know how many runs I’ve done? How do the drinks just appear there in the truck? Where do the Hares come from? How can I take that wooden phallus home?

Obviously there are a few people working (not very hard admittedly) behind the scenes to make sure there is a run and a walk every week.

Once a year we have erections for places on the mismanagement committee.

This year the erections are mooted for 31 August.

None of the roles take much time, all are easy and some are even enjoyable. Spot the lie in that sentence. But note that you don’t need to have been in PP since the year dot to be a Committee member. Just talk with the peeps below and they will gladly tell you what they do…and then nominate you. Once installed on the committee, you have access to irregular meetings at the Velkommen inn, you become privy to a lot of secret Hash lore, and you get the special Hash Committee ringtone.

The roles for erection are described below, along with the incumbents.

*Religious Advisor (RA)

The Hash’s moral compass. Offers guidance and instruction to hashers. The RA notes any sins committed and metes out punishment, usually in the form of a down-down. The RA may invite other Hashers to  snitch on their colleagues. The RA is also solely responsible for the weather. (Talk to Rubbed Raw or Tokyo Joe among others).

*Hash Cash

The Hash accountant. Collects the run fees, money from clothing sales, pays the Hash Vehicle, pays out for the beer and drinks and generally balances the books. (Talk to Little Boy).

* Hash Beer/Booze

Buys the beer, soft drinks, water and ice and ensures that they get into the Hash Vehicle on time. Ensures that stock does not go missing. Keeps an inventory of stock. (Flaccido Domingo is your man).

* Hash Stats

Collects registration data at the Railway Station. Furnishes stats to the Hash Webmaster for uploading to the website. During the Circle, informs the GM and the RA of Virgins, Anniversariods, Returnees, Leavers, etc. (Phlegm is doing ATM).

* Hareraiser

Maintains the Receding Hareline, ie the list of Hares for upcoming runs. Informs the GM during the circle of next week’s hares.  In the event that Hares are not present, contacts them to remind them. Might also provide advice to new Hares or pair them up with an older hand (Talk to Mr Tinkle).

*Hash Haberdashery

Brings t-shirts and other hash paraphernalia to the run for sale. Also delivers stock/collects proceeds from retail outlets authorised by the MMC. Maintains an inventory of stock. Responsible for production of any t-shirt/paraphernalia to be sold on the Hash and for seeing that sponsor’s logo-display agreements are respected. (Madame Ovary or Yap Yap).

*Hash Flash

Takes great photos and delivers them to the P2H3 main website. (Yap Yap)

*Hash Trash

Produces whatever form of Hash newsletter/pamphlet/magazine/communication they desire…Or just takes over this blog (Talk to Ikea or Rubbed Raw).


Leads the circle in singing, brandishes the ‘baton’ (Leaking Duck does this).

*Hash Webmaster/Bitch

Maintains, improves, generally does what they like with the main P2H3 website (Talk to Squint Westward if you can catch him, or Checkaround for advice).

**Thanks to Tokyo Joe for the notes this was cribbed from.  Committee members pls comment if we’ve missed anything here.


9 Responses to “Erection ’08: Road to the Hash House”

  1. Blah Blah said

    May possibly have forgotten the GM, Ikea. That said it can best be described as being the conductor of an orchestra consisting of an empty beer bottle blower section, a quartet of chainsaw maniacs and one or two cat squeezers.

  2. Flacido said

    I think we should errect a permanent Harsh Horn this time. I also think we should erect a dependable web master as well.


  3. Ikea said

    Wasn’t sure whether we were erecting a GM given we just did so a few months back, so didn’t include…In any case, i think you descibed it better than I could of.

  4. Ikea said

    Milky Dicharge is the man with the golden horn.

  5. Phlegm said

    During years I was complaining for the difference between GM and Religious advisor. Because the GM is something more than the funny guy for the Down Down (leader for committee meeting, security, decision about cash, transport, decision about H bash…). And the last two years the Committee did it with a real RA. Good! BUT, I don’t know why, the position of AGM disappear. The Assistant GM is important regarding the fact that the GM (and nobody else) has not a 100% presence. So, in this case AGM replace GM and NOT the RA. This is my opinion…

  6. Blah Blah said

    This is something that was raised by STD and something we will consider at the pre-election mismanagement committee

  7. p2h3hashtrash said

    Due to regulations known only to the Hash Trash, no Erection Campaigning will be permitted on the Hash Blog. Sorry chaps, go shake some hands, and kiss babies on the streets to get your votes. All campaign messages will be deleted. Call it censorship if you will, HT calls erection campaigning against the Hash spirit!


  8. I know it will be deleted but as I have said it is a fight between press freedom and censorship and press freedom will prevail

  9. Now that the current mismanagement committe has held what would be their last executive meeting and the way has finally been cleard for the errection, let me condemn the out-going mismanagement committe (which I am member)for over-performance of their duties. However, it is time to look forward to brighter future. We can make this possible by electing Tokyo Joe for GM and Flacido Donmingo for Religeous Adviser (RA). Fellow Hashers this will garantee you a good and ever vibrant P2H3.

    Thank you.

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