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P2H3 Run #871 – The Big Village

Posted by p2h3hashtrash on August 12, 2008

Date: 10/08/08

Hares: Tai Ching Lim, STD, Madame Ovary, Comes First

Run report: Phlegm

80 runners! 27 Virgins. A record. Phnom Penh HHH is more and more popular. What can we do? After August 31st Hash Erection, a new committee is one solution. With Fester as Grand Master, Spillage as Religious adviser and Flip Flop as Trail Master, the number will decrease soon.

So, the truck left fuller than one of those carts taking Cambodian girls to the garment factory. Four hares in four vehicles was the solution to find the right way. In Flying Plod and Silicon Chip’s car, Lady Taï Ching explained the direction:

“It is a BIG village… The place where STD likes to go…” — Km11? Direction of Battambang?

“Yes! Yes!” — Do you know what kind of village it is?

“No. It is the place where many prostitutes are assembled.” — Ho…! “After the left turn at Km11 direction Phnom Basset, you have to continue.” — How long? “I don’t know.”

After 10 min calling, she said 6Km. We turned right after 6 more K’s.

“Ahh, heuhhh, no, no, it is not here… Back! Back! It is the “Communist Center”, I remember now. Hello, Mme Ovary? Where is it, we are lost… It is 6 MILES!!! Community Center..? Mhhh…”

Finally, we found the truck waiting for us. But 100 cows arrived and walked before us on a narrow way. Fortunately, our GM Blah Blah arrived followed by Milky discharge with his horn and the smiley Flaccido Domingo. They cleared the way like real cowboys.

So, around 4:20pm we started the run with our 80 hashers. Oudong could have been reached at 4pm! Comes First and STD hares for the runners; Taï Ching and Madame Ovary hares for the walkers. The start was well located at a school and immediately we found the nature with rice fields, trees and fantastic scenery with mountains at the horizon. The problems started for the runners regarding the STD marking. False trails were generally around 200m and the first mark after 50m, if you could see it. Consequently, what are you doing when you find a false trail after 200m? 1. For the stupid FRBs, more Christian than Jesus Christ himself, they came back to the checkaround (400m lost it’s only 50 seconds for Rubbed Row and Ikea); 2. For some others (Flaccido, Wanna Cracker, Milky Discharge, Horny Cow…) they shortcut to join the front; OR 3. Others take a look at the Walkers and see if there is a pagoda far away… (clever guys like Flip Flop for example).

After 5K’s (or 7K’s for Rubbed Raw), the pack arrived…at the favorite Mr Tinkle pagoda. But we didn’t stop inside because it is too nice. We stayed outside with the trucks and the dusty road. Thank you STD for this brilliant idea. (STD is not reading the blog, I can go further).

Second part was as far as the first but with a lovely fresh air. Excellent small ways in the forest, or close to Chinese graves (every time nice view there) and super dry paths except for the short legs of Hit On Me. Runners and walkers arrived approximately together which is a very good timing. Congratulations to Madame Ovary. Who else could do it?

The Down down was the occasion to celebrate the regular hares. New hat with H logo and rabbit had been offered to Blah Blah, Botticelli, Fester, Flaccido Domingo, Laverne, Piglet, STD and Wanna Cracker. Well done! Kate Bugeja and Taï Ching (10 runs each), STD (160 runs) and Kong, foreign Spy from Los Angeles HHH, were punished with beer. Taï Ching received a bonus with Ice cube under her legs. She adopted a Khmer wedding position during the long wait. Ach, the Hash skirts are not long. What a pity Miss J Love Bite!

On on on was at the Sweet restaurant where 15 hashers had indicated they would turn up. But Hash popularity is increasing and at least 40 hashers arrived which is only 50% of this Olympic run attendance.

On! On!


3 Responses to “P2H3 Run #871 – The Big Village”

  1. Blah Blah said

    Good report, good Sir. I was wondering how many would turn up to Sweet as it always seems the way. The record still stands though for Yap Yap and my bbq on a very wet day where I set the run for 25 sodden hashers and 51 turned up for the bbq!

  2. Tai Ching said

    Funny, Phlegm! Credit really goes to STD. Was real fun haring, but I suggest we keep the hares’ identity a secret until we arrive at the hash site. no one has to know he’s driving the hare… more suspense, less icy tush! on! on!

  3. Phlegm said

    ERROR. Regarding the last Stats, 90 hashers ran last Sunday. NINETY. But only 27 virgins…

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