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P2H3 Run #878 Pchum Ben Holiday Madness

Posted by p2h3hashtrash on October 3, 2008

Date:  28/9/2008

Hares:  Flaccido Domingo, Laverne (walking)

Run Report:  Flaccido Domingo

 A handful of patriotic hashers who deemed it necessary to remain in town despite the long awaited Pchum Ben holiday gathered at the train station at 2:45. Herring Choker was on hand for the hash stats as the faithful runners waited for veteran hare Flaccido Domingo to lead them to the run. They did not have to wait long for Flaccido, as he arrived on time to lead the way. As soon as he arrived, the faithful boarded the truck and headed toward the East. After traveling for about thirty minutes and crossing the toll gate, they made a right turn to Wat Anchea. The circle was convened by Mr. Tinkle who was the acting GM. The circle welcomed one virgin (Khmer) and two foreign spies from Bangkok and Cebu hash respectively. It was raining.

The run started at about 3:45 with the runners led by Flaccido and the walkers by Laverne. At the same time, something remarkable was about to happen. As an environmentally friendly hash, one of the prolific local snail runners (Kchol) had decided to run with us unnoticed from the start. The run progressed smoothly to the halfway point where the beer truck was already waiting. As the hashers were about to leave the halfway point, the snail arrived to the amazement of all the hashers. The snail wanted a snap with all the hashers but unfortunately hash snap was not available. The second half also progressed smoothly until a point where the runners have to cross a canal which was waist deep. Wannacracker and Runs Well were afraid to cross the canal until the foreign spy from Bangkok went in and waded through easily.

The runners and the walkers arrived at the start simultaneously and circle was called after about fifteen minutes of hash talks. Acting GM Mr. Tinkle brought the hare to the circle followed by the virgin and the foreign spies. The RA took over the circle from the GM and meted a few punishments on sinners. The circle closed and the bar was opened as hashers headed back to Phnom Penh. The on on on was at Huxley’s. As usual, it was great, as the hashers were able to watch the Singapore F1 live on a wide screen as they eat their meal. As Monday was still a holiday, some of the hashers planned to meet at Sharky bar an hour later for dessert. On on to next Sunday’s run which will be brought to you by Check Around

On on!


12 Responses to “P2H3 Run #878 Pchum Ben Holiday Madness”

  1. Yogi Bra said

    Congrats, Flaccido, on (I think) your first run report, excellent job!

    In the spirit of free and fair reporting, the above was posted with almost no editorial changes from Hash Trash, only a couple of grammatical changes and one metaphor.

  2. Phlegm said

    Dear Flaccido, writing a run report which was your trail is too pretentious. At least take another nickname…(Number One, Piglet, Hit on Me…).

    But tell me more about the dessert from the Sharky’s bar, I didn’t know they made it. Was it voluptuous, creamy or chocolate-coated?

  3. Phlegm I wrote the report because there was no other person to do it. I did not go to Sharky Bar with them I went home. So i don’t know what the dessert taste like.

  4. Mr. Tinkle said

    Regarding the dessert, I suggest you ask Jim Morrison – a man of exceptional taste!

  5. Phlegm said

    Ahhh, the sweet desserts from the Sharky’s…

    Flaccido, as a Religious Advisor, you have the power to design somebody to write the report. No excuse Sir!

  6. Phlegm,are you interesred in the dessert or the report? If you are interested in Sharky dessert you are always free go there and have a taste.

  7. Phlegm said

    Do you think that married men are free?

    Mr Tinkle will see it very soon… Do you want to change your mind Mr Tinkle. Happy Flaccido, you don’t know how lucky you are…

  8. Oh! Now i know why you were asking of the dessert Phlegm. Anyway, you can try to do it secretly without letting Chick Pea know about it. By the way when are you returning to Phnom Penh?

  9. Mr. Tinkle said

    I wasn’t aware that there was anything in a Cambodian wedding ceremony that pertains to fidelity.

    Perhaps you can clarify this, Phlegm?

  10. Phlegm said

    After a fantastic H in Hanoi organized by the German team in the Secret mountains around the capital, we are back this week Mr RA.

    I do hope that Blietzkrieg will organize Eine Grosse Oktober Fest asap with P2H3.

  11. Phlegm Mr.Tinko Needs some more clarifications.

  12. Phlegm said

    Mr Tinkle has a good view.

    No more comment…

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