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Posted by p2h3hashtrash on October 30, 2008

Housewarming Update:

Runs Well housewarming party: Saturday, November 1st, from 5pm.  “Every hasher is invited,” he says.  Ask him Sunday if he’s regretting those words.

Street 29, house no. 30Z

Ball Update:

The Hash Ball will be held Saturday, November 22nd, at The Living Room, Street 306 (off Norodom), garden drinks starting 6:30pm.  Formal attire (of any nation).  Tickets are $35, $10 for Khmers who have been on more than 15 runs.

Hellhound Update:

The Hellhounds return to Velkommen Inn this Friday, October 31st.  Come for your weekly dose of rock and lutefisk. “Slightly different line up and sound, should be good,” says Check Around.

Medical Update:

Flaccido Domingo:  getting better.  Canadian guy:  upright, breathing.  Thanks to hash management who ordered him whisked away to safety.  Perhaps we can trade in 2nd truck for medevac helicopter.

Thai / Burma Border Update:

Interhash on weekend following the Hash Ball in Mae Hong Son, on the Thai / Burma border. Contact Blah Blah or Leaking Duck for further details (or if anyone has details / website please post in comments).


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