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P2H3 Run #884 – Oktoberfest in the Phnom Penh Alps

Posted by p2h3hashtrash on November 5, 2008

summer_in_the_alps hash-in-alps

Date:  2/11/2008

Hare:  Blitzkrieg, Love Bite (walking)

Run Report: Phlegm

Ja! Ja! Ja! Blitzkrieg has eine Grosse problem with the hash marking. Before starting at Phnom Basset kitschy building, he explained to the 70 hashers the rules: the Cross is now a Check Around, and the False trail is a line. Is it already Alzheimer’s? Has he some Freudian problem or is he Nuts to organize an Oktober Fest run in November?

For the first 400 M. we had not seen any Marx. It is perhaps because eine Deutche Mark is expensive… Even, Ikea, our Divizion leader was lost with the new marking. He was waiting Blah Blah’s horn playing The Hymn of Joy. But courageous Yap Yap, The local Matahari, found the way. The pack started as fast as an Oppenheimer rocket. And we attack Hamburger hill. Wanna Cracker won the battle and climbed on the highest tree. Why? He wanted to see the second hill in The Black Forest.

So, Dutchie, The Flying Hollander, took the manshaft to the second holding. He was followed by two American virgins who came with MP3 and CD in hand listening to something noisy like Scorpion singing in the Ruhr works. Herring Thüringen was crying: On Bach! On Bach! Rowena Germinator and Grosse Bertha fought with the barbed wire and arrived first at the top.

For the third hill, The Walkyries Thong Cheese Flasher, Paulette C. and Kate B. were in front and tried to beat The Fox of the Desert. But in his favourite battlefield, Mr Tinkle won the race. The trail was quite dry and finally, we found Blitzy quite symBaltic, but 200 M. before the end, he proposed to cross the water field. Achtung! He is not Einstein you know…

Down downs were held by our Marlene Dietrich aka J Love Bite. We have seen that P2H3 is more and more popular because The Mossad has sent 4 foreign Israeli spies (Waters family…; easy to see that it is not a real name) and The Australian Secret Service sent their best agent: Dr Slimy. We left the place in the dark and it was raining in the trucks with thunder flashes. Some lucky guys in their big cars arrived before us at the Willem Tell. Flying Plod said proudly in German: Ich Bin Ein Berliner drifer.

On on on was Wunderbarre and we forgot the Katastrofe Deutsche marking with many German beers.

Hash Trash / Yogi Bra adds: Lovely trail, good run.  True, the trail of breadcrumbs Blitzy left was occasionally insufficient, and the last bit in the wet, dark paddy was potentially hazardous, but good fun.

In addition to Phlegm’s recollection of the circle:  Celebrating anniversaries:  Blah Blah 90, Ikea 50, Rowena / Germinator 20, Paulette 10.   Receiving whippings:  the ipod-toting Americans, Sarsy for confessing to Ikea whilst tanked that he wished to be American and vote red, Dutchie for exhibitionism while relieving himself, and Yogi Bra for ensnaring five ladies-in-waiting to assist her bathroom dash to the woods.  Namings: Rowena was dubbed The Germinator by Sir Flying Plod for her involvement in animal husbandry and distaste for German cat-lovers.

On! On!


3 Responses to “P2H3 Run #884 – Oktoberfest in the Phnom Penh Alps”

  1. Mr. Tinkle said

    A most memorable run and on on on (still haven’t finished my pork knuckle).

    Superb reporting, too.

    Just one question; I’m not suggesting that he don’t deserve one, but when did Flying Plod receive a knighthood?

  2. Ikea said

    That’s very funny work Herr Uber-Hare Phlegm.

  3. Blah Blah said

    Love your work Phlegm. You seemed to have missed the Prussian flanking of the French at Waterloo however perhaps you are saving it for your next report.

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