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P2H3 Run #890 – Where the Mad Cows Roam

Posted by p2h3hashtrash on December 16, 2008

killing-fields  mad-cows-stampeding

Date: 14/12/2008

Hares: Yogi Bra & Su Ming (running), Escort Services & James (walking)

Run Report: Rubbed Raw

Between the holidays and many hashers absent on the waters off Sihanoukville attempting to catch some fish, it was thought the Hash pack would be smaller than usual. Not to the numbers of run #888, but so many turned up that the single truck looked, as in old times, like it was heading to a garment factory.  With none of the Bourgeois cars present, no alternative vehicles were available to ease the crush.

Despite a vicious wasp attack, and dodgy drunken men as they set the trail Saturday in fading light, the only Hare left standing was Yogi Bra.  Her co-hare, Su Ming, survived all, only to be taken down by a dodgy sandwich and was not present.  To the Killing Fields was the brief instructions, and the scrum onto the truck began. Once there, without GM, Blah Blah available, RA Flaccido Domingo (not wishing to give up his role) tried to persuade the likes of Ikea and Check Around to host circle, but to no avail.

**Hash Trash / Yogi Bra notes:  Ikea eventually stepped up into a leadership role after the run and did a competent job of handing out plastic Dixie cups of champagne to sweating, parched hashers.  Well done. 

Finally, your scribe today Rubbed Raw was press-ganged into service and introduced the 10 or so Virgins present on the day.  Many new faces confronted the acting GM after his 3 month absence illustrating the revolving door of P2H3 hashers (we must be doing something right!).

FRB’s Runs Well, Ikea and WannaCracker were soon on the trail, with tricky plank bridges put in the way to slow them by the hares.  The trail zig zagged through the now dry and harvested rice fields, with a fast pace being set, with so many FRBs checking a well-marked and scenic trail, traversing water lilies, streams and amber fields. Only once did the pack briefly lose the trail due disappearing marks, and a slightly confused looking Yogi Bra (later punished for her sin after trying to pin it on her absent co-hare).  But then a hearty “On On” was heard from the underbrush and the P2H3 hash train was back on the tracks.

This week however, farmers around Choung Ek appeared to have a serious problem with Mad Cow disease.  Herring Choker was the first victim of this Bovine Curse, with the frothing herds chasing him down trail, narrowly missing a gouging.  Mad Cow incidents were also witnessed by walkers when one of these crazed beasts took out both moto driver and cyclists as it battled mental demons.  One Hasher bravely grabbed a cow’s tether in an attempt to calm him through her cow whispering skills, only to be charged and nearly trampled for her troubles.  I think a double action shotgun may be only solution for these poor creatures of Choung Ek! 

After a fast run in the good surface provided, a short but sharp and enjoyable run meant the circle was to be held in daylight for once, presided over by Rubbed Raw.  It was fairly subdued with so many regulars out, and with many new faces, there was a distinct lack of Hash song knowledge.  Stand in Choir Master Ikea even forgot the words to the P2H3 Hash song at one point.  The Hares were commended for a good run/walk, Virgins welcomed and foreign spies ButtMan (Chennai, India) and English Muff In (Oregon, USA) interrogated.  Having missed many weeks due to moto injury, RA Flaccido noted the P2H3 hash clearly had slipped into it sinning ways without his moral guidance.  Over achievement in the Angkor Half was first to be punished, then mad cow bating, nudity, fashion crimes and other sins were punished harshly.  The circle was called to a close, only after P2H3 stalwarts Ikea and Escort Services were given a hearty farewell before departing these fair shores back to Aus, so Ikea can finally earn a living again!

On On!!


2 Responses to “P2H3 Run #890 – Where the Mad Cows Roam”

  1. Mr. Tinkle said

    Great run report Rubbed Raw.

    By the way, we need a hare for this weekend if you’re still in town…….

  2. Blah Blah said

    Oh find me a home, where the mad cows roam, and the beer and the buffalo play
    Where never is heard, a soft spoken word, and the circle has down downs all day

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