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P2H3 Run #898 – Afternoon Delight with Blah Blah

Posted by p2h3hashtrash on February 17, 2009

trail the-lone-phlegm

circle-jerks lion-dance

Date:  8/2/2009

Hare:  Blah Blah

Run Report:  Yogi Bra

Staring Blah Blah in a role he’s played to acclaim in the past.

HE GM Blah Blah likes to please everyone.  As GM he feels responsible for the poor souls who show up to hash, and tries his best to please everyone.  He makes a trail that’s long and hard enough for the FRBs, but not too long and hard for the slower runners.  He takes you through a variety of turf, rice fields, forest, villages, roads, bridges, tunnels, etc.  He even makes sure the vicious neighborhood dogs get their daily exercise by chasing us.

Horny Cow and Yogi Bra led the pack and were quickly joined by the usual FRB suspects of Runs Well, Milky Discharge, Hold ’em, Dutchie, Andre, Karl, Dusty, and Weed. Jeremie’s been running better lately, slowed only by his love of photographing us.  Quelle voyeur.  At the half-way hashers huddled in the narrow strip of shade offered by the truck, and compared sweat marks.

Phlegm started strong then faded.  Literally faded, no one saw any trace of him after first 2 kms.  Apparently he got distracted by a lovely patch of scenery on a hold and decided to follow it instead of the trail.  He turned back up in time for circle.

GM Blah Blah convened circle, and soon gave way to co-star and AGM Milky DischargeMilky runs circle like a public-access t.v. talk show, initiating small, arcane conversations with each participant that involve bad puns or quirky anecdotes.  He dispensed with the virgins, foreign spies, and SuMing, Paddington Bra, Madame Ovary, who were celebrating anniversaries.

Evil villain RA Flaccido Domingo stole the show, castigating the likes of: Herring Choker who was too hung over to stand, much less run; Wanna Cracker for pulling a Fester and finished on moto-back; Weed, did run in hippie sandals (though he beat most of us) a foreign spy for sucking in his gut when passing Yogi Bra; Hold’ em for (ahem)-blocking Dusty as he attempts to hit on virgins.

Blah Blah concluded circle with some NATO business, and we were all free to go to the on on on at Tell Restaurant, for Schnitzel and Hefeweitzen.


6 Responses to “P2H3 Run #898 – Afternoon Delight with Blah Blah”

  1. Phlegm said

    Not bad Yogi Bra but late… And now we have some words in French. When do you expect a full report in the Voltaire language?

    For Blah Blah, good effort for the trail in an original place. Also, a great On On On at the Willem Tell which was reached at 6pm.INCROYABLE !

  2. Yogi Bra said

    C’est vrai, Phlegm, this is trés late. As a way to rectify, why don’t you do next 3 reports, since I won’t be at the hashes? Sounds good to me. Merci for offering!

  3. Blah Blah said

    What happened to our format?

  4. Sarsy said

    By the way what ARE the activities for this weekend’s 900th? I seem to have paid but neglected to take note of details… Any upcoming announcements about time, meeting places, etc?

    On on,

  5. Blah Blah said

    There are indeed good Sir, why if you check the Phnom Penh Hash site you will note that the 900th includes meeting at the Railway Station at 10:30am, off for a short run and then into a very large swimming pool with jacuzzi. A bbq shall be prepared with cold beer aplenty. One truck shall be returning around 3:30 and the other around 5:30.

  6. Sarsy said

    Yikes and I thought this WAS the definitive Phnom Penh Hash website. Maybe not.. Heh But thanks for the info then!

    On on,

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