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P2H3 Run#902 – The Gamble

Posted by p2h3hashtrash on March 4, 2009

hold-em-and-fold-em dusty

Date: 1/3/2009

Hares:  Hold ’em and Dusty (run), Fold ’em (walk)

Run Report:  Phlegm

March 1st : no freeze, no breeze, no trees, and 45 degrees!

The trail was at the favourite place of the infernal couple Fold Em & Hold Em. It is easy to reach: 5K on the airport road, 5 more K on the new concrete road. But Hold Em likes the Dusty roads of Toul Kork and the ugly boom boom of Phnom Penh Thmey. The ugliest part of the capital was for us at least 20 minutes. However, it is pure strategy. Indeed, if you offer the dirtiest at the beginning, the only possibility after is to have a better view.

The start for the walkers was at the half way’s run and they reached that point with one of the trucks (good idea from Fold Em, the brain of the couple; he has the legs) The runners looked for the first white dots with Dusty and Hold Em as hares. Yes…the first km was better than ugly: simply awful. But the marking was correct on the dry field. Predictable anyway. Yes it is the third time that Hold Em set a trail and it is still the same area. Just 500M further each time. If he sets a trail every 6 months, we can expect a nice trail close to the lovely hills we saw at the horizon, in approximately… 20 years.

GM Blah Blah brought the horn with a temperature of 45°C. No trees, no breeze. Scoutmaster, Runswell, Dinus, Dorien, Mr. Tinkle, Raw Sex, Pipe Organ, Yap Yap and Weed with his old sandals tried to catch the FRB Phlegm but never did. In fact, when I arrived first at the half way (Yes!), I passed the walkers (including Chick Pea, the first hasher trying to have a free delivery on the H trail) and Fold Em stopped me because the truck was supposed to be there. However, I met Cums Anally on the way and we continued along a nice canal under shrubs. After that, we arrived to a rubbish place for a while and in the middle of that huge filth, a big board from the Ministry of Environment explains: “It is absolutely forbidden to put rubbish here.” Yes we can!

The Down downs were the occasion to welcome the ten Virgins including a beautiful Cambodian girl wearing a tennis mini-skirt. As a religious advisor, Dusty was confused and with his huge head of red hair (Did you know that his barber is in jail?) he looked like a sheep before shearing. Fester was very excited also. Moreover, he just washed his old fashion short and his only underpants last Saturday in the Evergreen swimming pool (which is now renamed the Ever-yellow bath).

After Harry and Lucy Scoutmaster’s celebration for their 10 anniversaroid’s, Hold Em continued as Religious advisor. The man is good. A Fantastic preacher! Heejin from Korea, another young nice girl was sentenced for Technical abuser (in fact, with her Ipod she was listening jazz during the run). The same sin for Madame Ovary listening Céline Dion on the walk (Bouhhhh!). Chapped lips and Wee Dribble, Foreign Spies from Edmonton invited us to their 1000 run in July in Canada. Generously, the GM will offer a free flying ticket for the runner with the highest figure of runs in July 2009. Thank you Blah Blah!

Finally, six courageous hashers mimed the Bangladesh Rifles killing the Army officers during the time the pack sang “Bang Bang”. Raw Sex looking for decent hamburgers in Germany will miss the next St. Patrick Hash March 15th where we could set a live run with 3 Bangladeshi Rifles leaving first and 69 Bangladeshi officers trying to catch them. Alleluia!


5 Responses to “P2H3 Run#902 – The Gamble”

  1. Dutchie said

    Phlegm, bugger! You never got to the halfway point! You were running like an one-eyed king after a beautiful pregnant Cambodian walker not wearing a tennis mini-skirt..

  2. Facido Domingo said

    Phlem it Technology Abuse and not Technical abuse

  3. Facido Domingo said

    Hhhhooooooo The girl in the picture is Love Bite wao Love Bite the man is too old for you look for someone young.

  4. Blah Blah said

    Flacido, you are comparing Love Bite to Dolly Parton? I’m not sure what to make of that however no doubt we can always ask Love Bite at the next circle. Islands in the stream…..

  5. Phlegm said

    Flaccido Domingo,

    When you write a reply, your name is FACIDO. Could you change it?

    And my name is PhleGm. Please respect our H names. It is a gift from God. Moreover, it should be good to find a H name to Dutchie (Dinus) which is not a H name. And this is a technical abuse isn’t it?

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