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Fake Outstation Hash – Kep Half-Marathon

Posted by p2h3hashtrash on March 5, 2009


Date:  1/3/2009

Hare:  Some Chick from Singapore

Fake Report:  Yogi Bra

That’s right, while you all were sweating and slogging through the back roads of Phnom Penh Thmey, some of us were sweating and slogging through the back roads of Kep and Chamcar Bei.  It was a mixed-up version of hash: the on on on was the night before, the meet time was 5:40AM and the joyful singing and dancing of Blah Blah in the post-run circle was replaced by Apsara dancing and a speech by the Provincial Governor.  

The day before saw Milky Discharge, Horny Cow, Love Bite, Thong Flasher and Yogi Bra poolside, soaking up sun and mojitos, until a lightning storm drove us inside.  SuMing was busy hiking in nature and missed all the action.  Later at the Sailing Club we feasted on swordfish, pasta and chocolate cake with the other participants and got hit up for more cash (oh yeah, it was a fundraiser).

The next day at 5:40AM sharp we were joined by long-lost hasher Yankee Wanker and some Singaporean racers and after a quick photo shoot were off.  The trail was bumpy, hilly and hot – no Angkor to say the least.  Instead of smiling children cheering us on, we had a smattering of people along the trail staring at us.  The organizers didn’t waste our contribution money on too much water, thankfully.  I can’t say much about the others since they ran much faster than me, but Thong Flasher apparently pulled a Mr. Tinkle and made a quick pit-stop in the bushes.  I had my own personal police motorcycle escort, who rode up my ass for the first 14 kilometers, but I was so hot and tired I longed to pull a Fester and ask him for a lift. 

Milky, Horny and Thong Flasher all ran well.  Yankee Wanker came in 2nd place, thank goodness because the poor 3rd place chap had a latrine named after him (Wanker now has a well dedicated to him).  Love Bite and SuMing, who represented the hash admirably in the 10k, both did well, though SuMing was chafe-city afterwards.  When it was all over we hobbled back to Kep for a subdued on on on before they trekked back to Phnom Penh.

On On to Phuket!


One Response to “Fake Outstation Hash – Kep Half-Marathon”

  1. Flacido Domingo said

    All deserters and rebells sshall be punished.

    The R A have spoken

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