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P2H3 Run #921 – RED DRESS RUN

Posted by p2h3hashtrash on July 16, 2009

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gym bar huxleys

circle miss red dress 2009


Date:  11/7/2009

Hares:  Blah Blah, Yogi Bra

Run Report:  Yogi Bra

A motley crew of hashers turned up Saturday for the Annual Red Dress Run for charity.  Various amounts of skin and lace were on display as hashers tried to outdo each other in the categories of showing too much leg (Phlegm), showing too much nipple (Maynot – and really, any amount was too much), chic-est dress (tie between Beth and Leckity), largest implants (tie between Paddington Bra and Blah Blah), and ability to match lipstick to dress (STD).

A brief rundown of the course by hares Blah Blah and Yogi Bra, and an announcement of the charity that would benefit from the hash’s largesse – Kien Khleang orphanage across the Chroy Changvar bridge, kicked the day off as motodops and passing tourists stared with a mix of humor and revulsion.  A glamorous Blah Blah, clad in a slinky red number and armed with a bag of flour and a thorough lack of shame, took off on a live hare jaunt, and the pack soon followed.  I broke from the pack at Wat Phnom to assume my co-haring duties with Blah Blah, who admitted he was relieved not to have to run all alone in his get-up.  We ran south towards street 178, dodging cars, motos, jeers and catcalls the whole way.  I was only a little sad when I discovered that all the compliments regarding breasts were directed at Blah Blah.  At some point we discovered a hole in the bag of flour, and that we were essentially leaving a Hansel und Gretel-like trail for the pack, and sure enough were soon snared by two Bangkok foreign spies, who hadn’t bothered to don anything red, much less a dress.

The first stop of the piss-up – I mean pub crawl was Gym Bar, where affable Randall and a couple unfortunate regulars were treated to the horrifying sight of a bunch of sweaty, thirsty runners in various states of red undress.  After a beer and a chance to catch our breath and wait for the walkers, we took off again.  We abandoned the flour and took the pack along street 19 to stop #2 – Freebird.  All were present except Phlegm, a man physically and morally unable to follow a trail, who led a few hashers astray into The Shop for reasons still unknown at the time of writing.  Best thing about Freebird: those cool, jasmine-scented washcloths that the friendly and patient staff supplied us with, and the gloriously chilly air-con.  I highly recommend it for your next running/cross-dressing/drinking triathlon.  At this point the pack should’ve been somewhat slowed, but we are a pack of over-eager, wanna-be athletes, so after another beer we took off at a fast pace north along the riverside in front of the Royal  Palace, scaring a new batch of tourists.  We hung a quick left at 136 and headed into the relative calm and cool of Huxley’s for a third refreshment.  The stops were getting to be longer than the running, and that last one almost claimed us for good, but we managed to pull ourselves out and trotted one last time upriver to street 104 and the welcoming arms of Velkommen Inn, the hash’s unofficial official pub, amid angry glares of some very jealous lady boys.  Sorry gals, but we looked hot.  Literally.


Possibly the most exciting event of the day – quite a feat considering – was the appearance of long-lost RA Flaccido Domingo, and his family.  Wait, what?  Yes, wife and two children.  According to F. Domingo:  everyone knew this as he talked about them all the time.  According to everyone else:  huh?  However, they were very sweet and lovely and we hope to see them again at hash soon.

Moving on:  beer and popcorn flowing, we formed an amoeba-shaped circle around the front of Velkommen and kicked off a wobbly circle.  Various punishments were awarded, but not enough in my opinion.  Many men who turned up in red pants and t-shirts were spared, as was Available for $60 for impersonating a lady bug.  A sexiest outfit contest saw STD pitted against Phlegm, Maynot and Cuntsultant, with Phlegm and Maynot getting the most cheers and being forced into a compromising position to drink with their arms linked.

After we hung around Velkommen to watch the day fade and the neon lights of the bars on the street flick on, and eventually all dispersed.

Good work, folks.  On On!


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  1. Blah Blah said

    ’twas fun

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