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Run #943 – Phlegm’s Last Stand

Posted by p2h3hashtrash on November 24, 2009



Date : 22/11/09

Hare:  Phlegm (running), Chickpea & Brussel Sprout (walking)

Run Report:  Blah Blah

And the hare did remark unto the pack “halfway?  There be no stoppeth, for you must run to earneth the amber nectar of the Gods.”  To which the pack did reply, “how about halts then?”  And the hare did laugh, for there were but two. [Malt 3:02]

The previous night’s festivities at the Hash Ball appeared to have taken their toll upon the pack with Cuntsultant, Welcome In, Mr Tinkle and Tinkle Spinner conspicuous by their absence.  However some of the best dressed from the night prior, namely Flacido, Yap Yap, Little Boy and Herring Choker, managed to drag their beer addled selves to the train station though it should be noted that precious little of the flamboyance of the night before was evident.

It was to be Phlegm, Chickpea and Brussel Sprout’s last hash before they return to the land of Tintin, Smurfs and EU Presidents (one of these is not a fictional character….. currently the heavy betting is on the Smurfs).  Hence we were all expecting a ball breaker; a run that would grind the hardened souls of the hash into weak, submissive things more akin to morning show hosts than the Greek God-like athletes that we know we all are despite the careful layering of fat and good manners we employ to hide our true nature.  Instead on a cool day for running we had a brisk 9 km run with no halfway and only two holds.

No half-way?  Shakey Spear was the first casualty followed by Fester.  The first we were saddened by, the second relieved as the thought of Fester going 9km with a couple of breaks left a bad taste in the mouth of those of us who know CPR.

The run itself was actually rather picturesque.  By that I mean we had a number of rather attractive visitors come join our motley crew.  Oh, and the scenery wasn’t too bad either.  Little Willy and Toxic Flop enjoyed most of the front running with Herring Choker close behind.   Scoutmaster and Runs Well settled for a steady pace to better take in the, er, view.  Yogi Bra had decided to move away from the ‘underage-school-girl-look’ by discarding the long white socks and putting the now slightly less mangled leg on display.   John was undertaking a cracking pace though seem to somehow to avoid doing any checks which was something of a mystery and no doubt cause-belle for further investigation.   Ditto for Flip Flop who hates checking almost as much as he hates the ice; more to follow.

Enough of the run.  It was nice, there were pretty foreign girls running and apparently some guys though you’d have to ask Hit on Me and Paddington Bra for further details.

Apparently there was a walk.  We know that because, just like the last time we ran in the area, we lost about eight or nine of them.  Someone had given Returned Empty a map (fools!) and the usually reliable May Not had followed in her wake.  Perhaps he was distracted by the, er, views on the walk.  May Not remains to this day uncharacteristically silent on the matter.

The circle saw the return of the ice though Rubber Lover wasn’t the focus of attention this week.  After much protestation and malcontent Flip Flop was finally lowered onto the ice, for the crime of protestation and malcontent in the circle.  The original charge had something to do with Returned Empty however as usual everyone denied any such involvement.  Jimmy Morrison also found himself cooling his nether regions and again the reason escapes me.  It must be pointed out that by this stage your scribe had begun to indulge in the nectar of the Gods and probably wasn’t paying quite the amount of attention required for writing a report.

At the end of the circle baby Louise was named Brussel Sprout and Chickpea and Phlegm joined in for the sad farewell of our beloved hashers.   They are off, again, for Brussels and hoping, again, for work in dark, foreign lands.  No doubt we’ll see them back in Phnom Penh soon.

On On


One Response to “Run #943 – Phlegm’s Last Stand”

  1. Phlegm said

    Thank you Blah Blah for the report! Yes we are leaving definitively…for the second time now. So, we will certainly have a third time back… Jamais 2 sans 3!

    On! On! Baby ! Phlegm, Chick Pea & Brussel Sprout

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