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Run #965 – Haute Cuisine

Posted by p2h3hashtrash on April 13, 2010

Date : 10/4/10

Hares:  Little Willy (running) Nancy (walking)

Run Report:  Blah Blah

“Thou ist racing!” declared the short cutting bastards as two runners did bolt towards the truck.  “Nay,” they cried, “we are but running from vicious dogs yonder.” And the short cutting bastards did look down the road upon the two yapping maltese and did but wonder as to the courage of their brethren  [Malt 13:13]

How to prepare Swedish Hash:

Ingredients – Swede, one.  Hashers, numerous.  Beer, lots.  BBQ one.  Meat (unnamed and cheap), lots.  Salad, optional.

Step 1:  Find Swede. Since we only have one at the moment it wasn’t too difficult; insert Little Willy here.

Step 2:  Send walkers astray.  This is best done by putting Nancy and his cigarette in charge of the walkers.

Step 3:  Leave truck driver in charge of getting the BBQ prepared. Not one of our smartest moves.

Step 4:  Mix hashers thoroughly.  A few decent checks along the banks of the Tonlé Sap soon had Blah Blah, Mathew and Westel Wirgin moving continuously from front to back.  The hash was mixed so thoroughly that there were even reports of STD checking, though video evidence may need to be procured before anyone gives this report any credulity.

Step 5:  Separate hashers.  A nice long stretch from near highway 6 back towards the Tonlé Sap soon had Wannacracker out front, Ambassador’s Orifice near the middle and Leking Duck waaaaaaaaaay back.

Step 6:  Remove exhausted hashersHerring Choker, Mr Tinkle, Leking Duck, Wannacracker & Yap Yap took advantage of this clause and slunk back to the start via a short cuts many and varied.

Step 7:  Strain hashers. VC was certainly looking strained as he hit the bushes, though not quite as strained as Chicken Little who was feeling the heat.  Even Camel Smurf was seen with a bead of sweat.

Step 8:  Cool hashers. Beer was plentiful in the lovely shady spot by the river where the bbq lay in wait.  Yogi Bra though was in fear of slightly more thorough cooling and disappeared before Scoutmaster could bring forth the ice.  How she managed to get back is unclear however since we haven’t read anything nasty in the papers we assume she made it back in one piece.

Step 9:  Serve with humour. Humour then was aplenty, especially with STD in particularly fine form as he wielded his wooden phallus with aplomb.  Hash voodoo was conducted by ring in RA Blah Blah in order to solve the problems in Thailand and Elaine Moore was dragged in for thoughtlessly have a birthday.

Step 10:  Wash down with sausages and chicken & beer. At least that’s what I thought happened.  Yap Yap and Tinkle Spinner kept the food coming and from the way the down downs were going I’m rather confident that Laverne kept the beer up.

And there you have it, Swedish Hash.

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