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Posted by p2h3hashtrash on September 24, 2009

Little Boy 2


1. Bring your bathing suit to hash this Sunday! says Little Boy.

Little Boy and Morten are hares for this Sunday’s hash, and for Saturday’s GASH (Girl’s Association Saturday Hash) so anyone GASHing Saturday should do the same.

2. Let’s Go to Burma!

Some of us are going to Burma for Inter Mekong Hash 2009.  Join us!  In case you didn’t get enough of us on Sundays we can now all be drunk and disorderly together in a country with much stiffer penalties and a prison system that makes Tuol Sleng look like EuroDisney.  Don’t you want to come?!  Contact one of us or leave your email on the comments section for more info.  Or just go to their website and leave us out of it:  http://www.yangonhashhouseharriers.com/?page_id=7

3. Upcoming Events

Exciting things on the horizon including: Some kind of brewery run, some sort of outstation run in Kampong Chhang organized by Runswell, some kind of charity run thing-y in Pursat, The Hash Ball (duck and protect your face), and The Angkor Wat Half-Marathon.  Stay tuned for details, hopefully provided by someone who actually knows what’s going on.

On On Baby!

love, Yogi Bra


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Posted by p2h3hashtrash on July 7, 2009

red dress run 2008 fester in red

Did you know…

That Saturday, July 11th is the annual Red Dress Run, the Hash’s attempt to give a little back to the country that has given us so much (beer, wasp stings, etc).

Meet: 2:30pm at the Post Office
*note, NOT train station

Wear:  a red dress.  If you are stuck for ideas, see the photos above.  One of the group and one a close-up of Fester, descending the steps of the post office.

Your usual $5 contribution will be donated to charity.  Charity to be named soon.   See you there!

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Posted by p2h3hashtrash on March 31, 2009

1.  The Hash wants YOU.  To hare.  This weekend if possible.  Don’t let others get all the glory and abuse, enlist now, you won’t regret it.

For details please contact

For details please contact me (Yogi Bra (Hash Trash)) at kate@kateliana.com

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Posted by p2h3hashtrash on January 22, 2009

1. Coming soon (this Sunday, in fact):  Hash Beer Holders!!

Just in time for hot season, be the first on your block to own one for the low, low price of $3, $4 with strap.   Get your Chinese New Year shopping out of the way early, on sale this coming Sunday at Railway Station.  See Yap Yap for details.


2.  Coming relatively soon (Sunday, March 1st):   Kep Half Marathon!!

Just in time for hot season, be the first on your block to sign up for the annual fundraiser hosted by Bridges Across Borders.  There will be a:

10k Bike  Ride Saturday, Feb. 28th, 3:30PM and a

Half Marathon and 10k Run Sunday, Mar. 1st, 6:00AM.

See website:  http://www.babsea.org or Yogi Bra for details.


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Posted by p2h3hashtrash on January 14, 2009


1.  Did you know that the Hash now meets at 2:15PM, and the trucks depart at 2:30PM?  You do now.  Same day, same place.

2.  This live hare thing has been done a few times lately, due to our collective receding hareline.  Step up people, trails don’t set themselves.  Get to know your fellow hashers:  many secrets are shared and bonds forged whilst trail-marking.  Prolonged, direct sunlight, lack of water and paint fumes make perfect conditions for trail-side confessions.  For instance, did you know that SuMing used to be a beach volleyball star in California, or that Flaccido Domingo was in the original lineup of The Kinks?  All fascinating details you will learn through haring.  See Mr. Tinkle to pick a date.

3.  Stay tuned for exciting details on the 900th Run, fast approaching.

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AFL and Netball Players

Posted by p2h3hashtrash on November 18, 2008

AFL is also known as Australian Rules football.  Its similar to Gaelic football, a bit like rugby and a little less like soccer.  

AFL is probably the best sport in the world!

On Saturday the Cambodian Kangaroos take the field against Vietnam, Laos and Bangkok.  We are short of players (very) so any P2H3 hashers with a passing interest will be welcomed.  It is a sport that suits all heights and builds and fitness levels.  Participation is practically compulsory for hashers with Australian passports.  The first game starts 10.45 am at Northbridge

Netball is a bit like basketball.  Netball is probably the best sport in the world!  Ask The Germinator if you have any questions.  The tournament is on the same day at Northbridge and they are looking for players too.

Leave a comment if you are interested and info will be passed on, or talk to Ikea.

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Hellhounds at the Velkommen – EVERY Friday

Posted by p2h3hashtrash on September 16, 2008

After last week’s night of great music and debauchery, the Hellhounds are appearing AGAIN this Friday (and every friday) at The Velkommen inn on 104.

Starting at 8pm.

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www.P2H3.com Revised

Posted by p2h3hashtrash on September 4, 2008

Yes, after a year of minimal action or change on the main www.p2h3.com website, the new Hash Webmaster has been busy.  Gone are the out-of-date links to the 2006 Hash Prelube and Mekong River Swim, and in of course are the links to this Blog site!!

A new feature is the Hash Trails Google Map of all the trails I have captured on my GPS (about 33 since run #805) for your viewing pleasure.  The Google map is fully interactive so you can zoom in and move around the map, add satellite imagery behind if you like.  Click on the marker to get the run number (note some sit on top of each other though).  You can download the kml (google earth file) by typing in the link http://www.p2h3.com/trails/kml/p2h3_run8##.kml where obviously the ## is the run number. I can’t change the colours I’m afraid of trails, and will work out an easier way to download soon.

If you have any other suggestions for minor changes to the Hash website let me know by leaving a comment below


Hash Webmaster (Rubbed Raw)

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P2H3 Erection 2008 Results!!

Posted by p2h3hashtrash on September 1, 2008

After a night of much frivolity, excellent food (many thanks to the ladies who prepared it), and probably the quickest Erection known to P2H3, the results of the vote are in (if I can remember them, in my slightly hungover haze!).  Many thanks to Leaking Duck and Pissalot for very generously hosting the night once again at their house. To download the Hash Trash Erection Special Issue click Here

Grand Master: Blah Blah, re-erected with increased majority (though Paddington Bra once again made a strong opponent)

Religous Advisor: Flaccido Domingo (help us all!)

Assistant GM: Milky Discharge

Hash Beer: Runs Well

Hash Cash: Leaking Duck (our funds are in ‘safe’ hands , and possibly to be invested in some island of Sihanoukville!)

Hash Stats: Phlegm (unanimous vote!)

Hare Raiser: Mr Tinkle

Hash Haberdashery: Yap Yap, assisted by Madame Ovary and Lickety Slit

Hash Flash: Blitzkrieg and his teleporter (all though are welcome to submit their own photos for upload via Blitzkrieg)

Hash Webmaster: Rubbed Raw (for 3 weeks to fix up site, then reerected)

Hash Trash: Kate, Ikea (in a consultancy role until December)

Hash Choirmaster: STD

So there you have it the P2H3 Mis-Management Committee for another year! Good luck!

On On!

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Mismanagement meeting

Posted by p2h3hashtrash on August 11, 2008

Mismanagement committee meets 8pm this Wednesday at the Velkommen Inn.

Expect a truckload of issues and interminable speechmaking.  ON ON!!

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