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as per the Hash Trash’s Citizens Charter we are always trying to continually improve our service.

If you believe that that then you will believe anything! But we realise sometimes report writers unintentionally overstep the mark in a desperate attempt at hash humour. So if you feel you have been unfairly:




Hashing reputation in tatters?

Toughen up! or write us an email and we will try to address your concerns in the report. Or you might like to use this complaint already prepared for you.

Your customer focused Hash Trash Team


One Response to “Feedback”

  1. Hanno Stamm said

    Fellow Hashers,

    Thanks for a great walk this Sunday (well, great sort of not really:-))))

    As the e-mail addresses on the Hash pages do not appear to work, just a reminder that we will have a Hash this Saturday in Siem Reap. Date: 19th of December, Time: 15:00, Meeting Place: the Victoria Angkor Resort & Spa.

    Runs will NOT be weekly just yet as I appear to be the only person in SR that has hashed before and as such I expect to do most of the work in the beginning (and probably pay for most of it, too).

    On On,

    Short Stump

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