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Run #944 – A Study of Objectivity

Posted by p2h3hashtrash on December 3, 2009

Date : 27/11/09

Hare:  Blah Blah (running), Frenchie (walking)

Run Report:  Blah Blah

And as the pack did set forth a great cloud of dust did issue forth from yonder road, invading the lungs of the pack with disease and filth.  And the hare did but feel glad, for he knew it could only improve from here. [Malt 3:03]

This week’s blog is to be based upon the concept of objectivity, the definition of which is:  1. ability to view things objectively: the ability to perceive or describe something without being influenced by personal emotions or prejudices; 2. accuracy: the fact or quality of being accurate, unbiased, and independent of individual perceptions; 3. (philosophy) actual existence: the actual existence of something, without reference to people’s impressions or ideas

I appreciate that many hashers may struggle with the concept so I’ve provided a simplified version below:

Objectivity = what I say.  Oft confused with Subjectivity = what you say.

Now we have that off our collective chest, on to the report.  The run was set across the Mekong at Akreiy Ksat and I must say in sheer, unreserved objectivity….what a bloody beautiful run.

It was so beautiful that Wannacracker actually stopped at the holds to admire the scenery.  It was so beautiful that Frenchie insisted on continuing the walk unto eternity.  It was so beautiful that Hit on Me actually joined the run.  It was so beautiful that Yogi Bra spent more time admiring the view than the shirtless visitors.  It was so beautiful that visitor Brown Eye for the Gay Guy was moved to tears (though, upon reflection, some of the tears may have been sweat).  It was so beautiful that Abuser stayed on trail.  It was so beautiful that Loan Shark declared his undying love for the trail without ever quite realising Cheap Date was standing behind him.  It was so beautiful that Cuntsultant decided to forgo the Vietnam visa and all the Saigon Hash had to offer.

And the checks, oh the checks.  Wannacracker was completely flummoxed and by the end of the run a hunted look occupied his haunted eyes.  The checks were so good and the short cuts so profound that twice Festering Chronic Masturbator found himself as FRB.  The trail was so interlaced with cunning and mystery that Yap Yap took a copy of the trail to submit to the Japanese national origami museum.  The resultant pack was tight, like the sweet butt cheeks of the hare.  Objectively speaking, of course.

And dare I even mention the circle.  The circle was run with the clean, crisp machinations of the puppet master herself, Yogi Bra.  The circle was run with such efficiency that the German government has sent representatives to plead with Yogi Bra to share her trade secrets for whispers of the circle that evening had even reached that far corner of the globe.  Little Boy showed his skill and ingenuity by updating the entire hash statistical database with nothing more than the inside of a used chewing gum wrapper and an old piece of charcoal from a desolate police post.  He further showed his efficiency by cunningly hiding the statistics on the hash truck so that foreign spy agencies would be unable to locate and seize this vital information.

And the on on.  Oh the succulent flavours of the Irrawaddy delta, brought to Phnom Penh through the subtlety of the tea leaf salad and the brashness of the chickpea and chicken curry.  Not to forget the cold Myanmar, that cousin of the beloved Anchor, and the ridiculously low price.

So was it run of the year?  The answer is clearly yes; until such time as I set another one of course.

On On


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